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AMR Governance Structure

National Steering Committee on the prevention of AMR

Contributing Ministries: Ministry of Health; Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development; Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT); and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE).

AMR Action Plan

In 2013, the Vietnamese Ministry of Health (MoH) developed a National Action Plan (NAP) on AMR and was the first country in the WHO Western Pacific Region to do so. This followed the priorities outlined by the Global Action Plan but it is predominantly focused on human health. It covers the period 2013-2020 and includes the six following objectives, under which activities are split between phase 1 (2013-2016) and phase 2 (2016-2020):

  • raise awareness of community and health workers on drug resistance
  • strengthen, improve national surveillance system on the use of antibiotics and drug resistance
  • ensure adequate supply of quality medicines to meet the needs of people
  • promote proper safe use of drugs
  • promote infection control
  • promote proper safe antibiotic use in livestock, poultry, aquaculture and cultivation

In 2017, the ‘National Action Plan for the Management and Use of Antibiotic and Control of Antibiotic Resistance in Livestock Production and Aquaculture’ was released.

Useful links

Vietnam's National Action Plan is available here

Vietnam's Request for Proposals is available here

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